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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Georgina James Counselling.

Welcome to Georgina James Counselling, where your journey towards healing, self-discovery, and personal growth begins. Are you facing life's challenges with a heavy heart? Are you feeling overwhelmed by powerful emotions that seem to hold you back? Taking the step to seek support is a courageous choice, and you're not alone. Whether you're struggling with stress, relationships, past traumas, or a desire for personal development, my safe and confidential space is here to help you find answers and clarity.

I'm Georgina, and I'm here to offer you a friendly hand on your journey towards a happier, more fulfilling life. I work with individual adults and young people (8+), and I'm ready to support you in person, online or on the telephone, on a short or long term basis. My MBACP registration ensures you're in safe hands. From tackling anxiety and trauma to boosting self-confidence, navigating relationships, or coping with grief and loss, I'm here to lend an empathetic ear and help you find your path to a brighter future. Your well-being matters, and together, we can make positive changes in your life.

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Who I Help

Individual Counselling

Discover a safe and confidential space for self-discovery and healing through individual counselling. Whether you're facing stress, relationship challenges, or seeking personal growth, I'm here to provide tailored support. Let's explore your unique journey to emotional well-being.

Counselling for Young People

Empower young minds to navigate the challenges of adolescence with specialized counselling. From academic stress to identity exploration, I create a nurturing space for growth and self-discovery. Together, we'll help them flourish during this transformative phase of life.

How I Can Support You

In Person Counselling

Discover the warmth and personal connection of in-person counselling at my Finsbury Park location. These face-to-face sessions provide an opportunity for a deep, non-verbal connection and a safe, welcoming environment where you can explore your concerns.

Online Counselling

Experience the convenience and accessibility of online counselling, available from anywhere in the UK. Online sessions bring therapy to your doorstep, ensuring you receive support in the comfort and privacy of your own space.

Telephone Counselling

Sometimes, a voice is all you need. Telephone counselling offers a confidential avenue for support, combining flexibility and ease of communication as we work together to address your needs.

About Me

Hello, I'm Georgina James, and I'm dedicated to helping you navigate life's challenges and discover your path to personal growth and emotional well-being. With a passion for psychology and a commitment to fostering happiness and fulfilment, I embarked on a journey to become a counsellor.

My journey into counselling began in 1995, and since obtaining my qualifications, I've worked as a counsellor both voluntarily and professionally. In addition to my private practice, I've been providing counselling services at a low-cost counselling centre in Camden since 2002. My commitment to supporting individuals has also extended to providing counselling services to students at London Metropolitan University.

I'm a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), adhering to its Professional Conduct Procedure and Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

My Qualifications

  • Advanced Certificate in The Application of The Polyvagal Theory in Counselling & Psychotherapy - Temenos
  • PG Diploma Integrative Counselling - London Metropolitan University
  • Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy Diploma Level - WPF
  • Certificate in Race and Cultural Education Counselling - Roachford Trust
  • BA (Hons.) Humanities (Major in Psychology) - Middlesex Polytechnic 1984

Continuous professional development and regular counselling supervision are integral to my practice. I am also a member of the Association of Christian Counsellors and the British Association of Christians in Psychology.

My clients come from diverse backgrounds, and I welcome individuals of all races, religions, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds. My Finsbury Park consulting room is wheelchair accessible.

I'm passionate about helping you overcome various challenges, such as work, home, or family-related issues, stress, anxiety, addiction, survivors of childhood abuse, identity concerns, depression, irrational thoughts, compulsive behaviour, relationship difficulties, loss, low self-esteem, childhood trauma, and issues related to discrimination and oppression.

I firmly believe that a solid counselling relationship is essential for positive therapy outcomes. During our sessions, you can expect a non-judgmental, accepting attitude and empathetic understanding. We will explore your concerns from your perspective, focusing on specific issues, and collaboratively consider possible ways to take action and make meaningful changes in your life.

Working Together

Initial Consultation Process

Before we begin working together, I offer a free 15 min chat on the telephone or on a video call to find out more about you, what brings you to counselling and to see if I can help. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about counselling. From there, we can go ahead and arrange an assessment session.

During the assessment session, which lasts approximately 50 minutes, we'll have a conversation to assess your specific needs and determine if counselling is the right path for you. It's a chance for us to get to know each other and discuss the concerns you'd like to address. This session provides a valuable opportunity to decide if we're a good fit for working together, and it sets the foundation for our future sessions.

Individual Counselling

Life's challenges can sometimes feel overwhelming, but you don't have to face them alone. Individual counselling offers you a safe and confidential space to address a wide range of issues. From managing stress and anxiety to navigating complex relationships and boosting self-esteem, counselling empowers you to explore your thoughts and feelings, providing clarity and strategies for positive change. Whether it's overcoming trauma, finding your inner strength, or simply seeking personal growth, I'm here to support you on your unique journey to emotional well-being.

Counselling for Young People

Navigating adolescence and young adulthood can be a transformative yet challenging journey. My counselling for young people provides a nurturing space where they can express themselves and find guidance. From academic pressures and identity exploration to coping with stress and building self-confidence, counselling equips young individuals with essential life skills. Together, we'll work through their concerns, fostering resilience and self-discovery during this critical phase of life. Help them flourish with the support they need to thrive.

Polyvagal Theory: Enhancing Your Counselling Experience

Polyvagal Theory is an integral part of my counselling approach. This theory helps us understand the connections between your nervous system, emotions, and responses to stress. By incorporating Polyvagal Theory into our sessions, I can assist you in recognizing and regulating your physiological responses, creating a safe and supportive environment for your healing journey. Understanding how your body reacts to stress and trauma allows us to work together more effectively, ensuring a counselling experience that promotes emotional well-being and resilience.

Contact Me

If you're ready to take the first step toward a brighter future, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here to support you in your journey to emotional wellness and personal growth.

You can also call me on 020 3376 7758 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you on your path to healing and positive change.


Thank you for considering North London Counselling as your path to support and personal growth. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or to schedule your initial consultation. I'm here to assist you on your journey to emotional well-being.

My practice is based in West Hampstead which means you can access my practice from South Hampstead, Belsize Park, Kilburn, Brondesbury, Willesden, Cricklewood, Camden and the surrounding areas. You can also access counselling with me online from anywhere in the UK.


In our counselling sessions, I provide a safe and confidential space for you to explore your concerns, thoughts, and feelings. I work collaboratively with you, using various counselling approaches tailored to your unique situation and goals. We will work together to gain clarity, explore solutions, and empower you to make positive changes in your life.

I require clients to commit to a minimum of six sessions initially. After this period, we will review our progress and decide on the direction of our future work together. This commitment ensures that we have a consistent and structured approach to your counselling journey.

For your convenience, I offer a free initial chat over the phone or via video. This informal conversation allows us to get to know each other and discuss your needs and goals before committing to counselling.


Initial Consultation: £65

The initial consultation is a 50-minute assessment to determine if counselling is suitable for your needs and establish the nature of our future work together. This fee is refunded if you commit to and complete six or more sessions.

Ongoing Sessions: £65 per weekly session

Each session lasts 50 minutes and is payable in advance by bank transfer. Some concessions are available and negotiable for students and individuals on a low income.

Cancellation Policy

If you miss a session without providing at least 48 hours' notice, you will be charged for the missed session.

In cases where at least two weeks' notice is given for a missed session, I will do my best to arrange a makeup session.

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